July 5, 2004

People, pyrotechnics and piles of trash: In which I brave the wilds of Fourth of July Boston to see some damn fireworks
by docsmartypants

Being in Boston on the Fourth of July we felt almost legally obligated to go down to the Boston Pops concert at the Hatch Shell and see fireworks, but we weren’t hard-core enough to show up 12 hours early for good seats. Approaching the Hatch at about 9ish we caught a glimpse of David Lee Roth singing “California Girls” and then continued on down the river to find a place with a view of the fireworks. Arriving considerably later than recommended, we still managed to find a small patch of ground to call our own (behind the model-like soccer girl and two doors down from the girl making out with the navy officer). From this location we could clearly hear the Hatch Shell concert and had a good view of all of the higher fireworks. The tree (and the girl making out with the navy officer) tended to get in the way of lower fireworks. They have made some truly amazing advances in the field of pyrotechnics! There were ones that looked like hearts or smiley faces, and these truly bizarre ones that moved like bees or fireflies or something. They sort of spun off in all directions and looked alive—really cool! I got a little choked up during the “What a Wonderful World” number and then felt a little like puking during the medley of “God Bless America” and other Gee Aren’t We Americans Neat songs.

Speaking of hypocrisy (trust me, we were) the minute the fireworks ended the crowd moved as one toward the nearest exits leaving behind mounds of garbage! Dee-lightful! Yup, the same people who less than twenty minutes earlier were singing “America the Beautiful” with tear-stained faces and flags a waving couldn’t be bothered to properly dispose of their chip bags, Styrofoam coolers, and plastic bottles. I had this flashback, standing there looking at overflowing garbage cans and litter-strewn lawns—watched someone throw something into the river for god’s sake—to those anti-litter public service ads with the crying Native American (remember those?). If that guy had been here he would have been beyond tears and straight to the fetal position, sucking his thumb and mumbling the words to “The Jabberwocky”. God bless America indeed! ]

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“People, pyrotechnics and piles of trash: In which I brave the wilds of Fourth of July Boston to see some damn fireworks”

  1. On September 24th, 2004 at 8:00 pm Larry Says:

    I was there and couldn’t believe the mess that was left behind. It kinda reminded me of those post apocalyptic movies where there is an empty city with trash blowing all over the damn place.

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