March 18, 2012

Docsmartypants welcomes new co-blogger

As of today I will be sharing custody of this blog with my partner-in-crime Larry, who will be blogging primarily about his experiences as a newcomer to the wonderful world of reading for pleasure. Neither of us has been blogging often enough to really require separate blogs, so I invited Larry to share mine. In addition, we’ll also post about our travels, and I’m sure Larry will share some of his excellent photography. And I know I am looking forward to reading along as he recounts the experience of finally learning to love books at 32!

Beyond that it’ll be business as usual here at So welcome, Larry!

December 28, 2011

LEGO Space Shuttle Video

Last year I got Larry the LEGO Space Shuttle for his birthday. As he was building it, he took lots of photos so that he could make a little stop-motion video of the process. He finally got around to finishing that video. Here it is!

December 25, 2011

The Lights of Somerville

On Christmas Eve, Larry, Serif, Laura’s dog Lexi, and I went for a drive around Somerville to admire some of the more spectacular Christmas-decorating specimens on display. At our last stop we even got out of the car, and while Larry was taking photos of the most impressive house yet, Santa Claus himself came out the front door and posed for a quick photo with us. Only in Somerville, people.

Merry Christmas!

(click to see the photos)

Somerville Holiday Lights
November 13, 2011

Turkey Day

Every year around Thanksgiving Larry and I sponsor two turkeys through Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey program. Today is the day! This year we chose Payton and Elizabeth (pictures below © Farm Sanctuary). I know some people think turkeys are ugly, but come on! Look at Payton!

I love him so much. Look at his expression. Can’t you picture him breaking into a musical number at any moment?

And how about Elizabeth, Larry’s turkey? Noble, yes? Larry picked her because he likes Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice. This turkey definitely looks capable of some verbal sparring with Mr. Darcy. “There is a stubbornness about me,” she’d say, “that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”

Anyways, it’s a nice little tradition, and I look forward to it each year. If you are interested in adopting a turkey you can click the image below. If you are interested in mocking me, you can leave me a comment on this post.


November 1, 2011

Typo of the Day

So, I’m relatively sure the word was looking for in that Bank of America article was scrapped. (click image to enlarge)

I know that it is embarrassing when a typo makes it into your publication, and I really shouldn’t laugh at this, but…COME ON—can you blame me? It’s so classic! And who doesn’t appreciate a little schadenfreude now and then?

January 29, 2011

Frozen Charles etc.

This morning we drove over to the South End to have brunch with Stacey at Gaslight. This is part of our 2011 effort to try new restaurants, and we are writing up little reviews over on our new Boston Brunch Blog. (So far Stacey is doing all of the writing because Larry and I are lazy, and she is opinionated.)

But anyways.

On the way back across the Charles, Larry and I stopped to take a few photos. It isn’t uncommon for the Charles to freeze in the winter, but it looks extra strange with all of the new snow on top. More like a huge field than a river. I’m including photos that have a little area that isn’t frozen so you can see the contrast.

Later I’ll try to post some video of Serif playing in the snow mountain that used to be our backyard. She’s in trouble right now because she chewed a huge hole in my favorite bedspread sometime during the night. Why do animals always pick on our nicest possessions?

December 25, 2010

Awesome presents

We got many lovely, thoughtful gifts from our family and friends this Christmas. Thank you, everyone! Here is a little sampling of a few of the gifts that are better if you see them than if I try to describe them to you:

Larry with our awesome new clock

Cutting tubes and stand for Larry the Victorian botanist.

Cool earrings!

Fabulous gay Uncle Drosselmeyer ornament.

Very pretty bracelet.

Now I am going to watch Doctor Who and attempt to bake something. Wish me luck, and have a lovely Christmas!

February 7, 2009

I Love Etc the Pet Shop Boys

Oh my god! The first single from the upcoming Pet Shop Boys album aired on UK radio stations today, and I LOVE IT!

The song is “Love Etc.” from the album Yes, which comes out March 16. I can’t wait for the full album. I adore the Pet Shop Boys and have been a fan since elementary school! I saw them twice after their last CD was released—including their concert at the Tower of London—and I am really hoping they will be touring again soon. Anyway, no actual video yet, but here’s the song via YouTube.

Update 3/4/09: Hey, the official video is up! It is about as weird as you’d expect from the Pet Shop Boys.

Is it March 23rd yet?!?

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