March 26, 2008

ATTENTION!: Your Attention Please, Everyone

Let it be known that on this day, the twenty-sixth of March in our year of the lord two thousand and eight, Stacey, Larry, and I officially became…


Yes, bow down and shield your eyes from the glory that is us.

That is all.

January 26, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Film: In which a seven-year mission is finally accomplished

A while back, while looking for something in our storage unit back in Washington, we found a roll of film and two partially used disposable cameras. What was on them? Who knew! Determined to use them up, every so often we’d take a few shots with one. Weeks passed. Months. Years. Then last weekend, as we were headed out on a sledding expedition, Larry grabbed the disposable cameras. Our mission? To use them up once and for all and see if anyone would still develop them!

We took the last few pictures and, not feeling too hopeful (one appeared to have had a battery leak, and the expiration dates were in 2004), I dropped the film off at our friendly neighbourhood Ritz Camera Center.

Two days later, we picked up the film.

Here’s a small sample of what we found.

Photos included a birthday party in Bellingham ca. 2002, a couple of random shots of my mom and dad’s now-deceased hedgehog, some from a drive to a David Bowie concert, a visit to Maine, a visit back home—all in all it looks like the cameras were hanging around, being used periodically, for about six or seven years. There were also several photos that were clearly taken by our old roommate Chris. Those ones…well, let’s just say they aren’t going on my website. EVER.

Looking at this treasure trove of lost photos was a nice little trip down memory lane. It made me happy as I remembered good times, and it made me sad as I looked at pictures of friends we’ve lost contact with. It also reminded me of how exciting it used to be when you’d get a roll of film back from being developed, crossing your fingers that the photos turned out, frowning at the almost-but-not-quite shot where someone moved at just the wrong moment, and rejoicing when the one picture you managed to get of an event turned out perfectly. It’s a sort of excitement and magic that’s missing from digital photography, and it’s strange to think that kids born now will likely never have that experience.

Then again, before I start sounding too “back in the good ol’ days,” let us not underestimate the significance of technology that allows us to instantly recognize, delete, and retake that shot where we had three chins and blinked. Sometimes technology beats magic. I’m just sayin’.

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