January 8, 2005

Bye-bye Bovine: In which I leave the cow behind (for now)

Some of you are probably wondering what happened to Divine Bovine, my Web site for the last four years. Yes, it did recently get redesigned (and beautifully I might add) by that illustrious master of all things techie: Larry. Unfortunately, I realized that the site I’d requested, according to my specs, had much the same problem as the original site. It was simply too much for me to effectively manage and update on my own because, honestly, I’m lazy and technologically stupid. So DB is temporarily shelved (sorry, Mom, I know how much you liked the cow) and hopefully some day when I have some idea of what I’m doing it’ll go back up. For now, we’re going with a stripped-down version of my “not-exactly-a-blog-cuz-I’m-not-that-cool” site The Bomba Room, which I should be able to keep current. Hope you enjoy!]