February 7, 2009

I Love Etc the Pet Shop Boys

Oh my god! The first single from the upcoming Pet Shop Boys album aired on UK radio stations today, and I LOVE IT!

The song is “Love Etc.” from the album Yes, which comes out March 16. I can’t wait for the full album. I adore the Pet Shop Boys and have been a fan since elementary school! I saw them twice after their last CD was released—including their concert at the Tower of London—and I am really hoping they will be touring again soon. Anyway, no actual video yet, but here’s the song via YouTube.

Update 3/4/09: Hey, the official video is up! It is about as weird as you’d expect from the Pet Shop Boys.

Is it March 23rd yet?!?

June 30, 2006

DocSmartypants in London, Part 2: A heat wave and a thousand screaming gay men

Huzzah! I’m alive! Well sort of. I’m still sick but full of mediciny goodness so now I just feel ill and not like I’m actually dying. I’m also in a slightly less sketchy Internet cafe today because I didn’t feel like being sold to white slavers.

Yesterday I went to the Tower of London and heard many gruesome stories–it was great. Then I saw the Pet Shop Boys in the moat, which brings up a weird mental image if you don’t know that the moat is empty now. Obviously the Pet Shop Boys were fantastic, at least that’s what I (and the crowd of screaming middle aged gay men) thought. Was I the only straight person there? No. Was I the youngest? No. But just about, on both counts. Anyway, the weather was good; it cooled off in the evening in time for the show, which was nice since apparently they’re having a heat wave. Lucky me.

Today I dragged myself out of bed for the least inspiring breakfast I’ve had since I was last at a UU youth conference. If you can imagine a machine that would suck every single last molecule of moisture out of a piece of toast? Yeah, they have that. There were also corn flakes and some dodgy looking fruit cocktail. The breakfast ladies don’t speak English, so getting milk was a challenge but eventually I did a sort of pouring motion over the cereal and they got what I meant. Good thing, too, because the next step from there is miming milking a cow, which I imagine could have looked quite rude. If they are, as I suspect, Russian I might try a little of my vocab on them if I feel desperate enough to get up for breakfast again. I do at the very least know how to say “milk” and “please.”

So after that I bought some postcard stamps and began the somewhat confusing trip out to Hampton Court where I did the hedge maze (oldest in England or something like that) in five minutes. I’d have felt really proud but I saw a thing online about the trick to finding the center and I wanted to see if it worked. It does. Hampton Court itself is very large and impressive and full of over-the-top tapestries and oddly disturbing topiary. It’s one of those places that has been around long enough that it’s had bits knocked down and added so that it doesn’t really mesh anymore, but the overall impression is still grand and regal and reminds you to hate the rich.

I wanted to check out the London Eye today but have decided to save that and do something indoors instead. It really is just obscenely warm and despite all the sunscreen I can feel myself burning. I imagine if I’d skipped the sunscreen I would have just burst into flames the minute I stepped outdoors. Why did no one tell me that England has no ozone layer?

So now I’m off, possibly to the portrait gallery, possibly just to write some postcards. I’d consider hiding in my room and watching the BBC, but you know what? Most BBC programming? Kinda’ sucks. The first night the best thing on was about the guy who brought lap dancing to England. Last night? Documentary on “John Holmes, the Real Life Dirk Diggler.” I will say this, good lord they can show a lot more on British TV than they can on American TV! And on that note…

I hope America is running smoothly in my absense. Oh wait, it wasn’t running smoothly when I was there. Oh well. Hope America isn’t running less smoothly than when I left!]

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June 29, 2006

Doc Smartypants in London Part 1: The eagle has landed

The good news is: I made it to London.

The bad news is: I’m sick as a dog and writing this from London’s sketchiest Internet cafe.

So I’ll keep this brief. Despite taking that over-hyped crap called AirBorn or whatever that’s supposed to boost your immune system, I landed with a sore throat, aching head, and slight fever. By the time I made it to the hotel (which is a whole blog post of its own) I had a full-blown achy head, coughing up ungodly stuff, high fever, chills, sore throat monster of a …OK, sorry, got distracted just now because Supercalifragilisticexpedalioscious just started blasting from the convenience store upstairs. Oh wait, it’s the WHOLE soundtrack to Mary Poppins! The hell?!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, sick. And everyone else in the hotel is 18 and on a drinking binge. At 1 this morning I seriously considered popping out of my room in my hideous new pajamas and yelling, ‘For the love of all that is good and holy on this earth will you please just SHUT THE HELL UP?!?!’ But I didn’t because that would have meant getting out of bed, which still seemed like a lot of effort when I finally managed it around 11:30 this morning.

So on the bright side: I found an Internet cafe just by wandering long enough, I found a Boots (drugstore) so will hopefully feel the benefits of lots and lots of medicine soon, and tonight is the Pet Shop Boys concert. ]

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