January 29, 2011

Frozen Charles etc.

This morning we drove over to the South End to have brunch with Stacey at Gaslight. This is part of our 2011 effort to try new restaurants, and we are writing up little reviews over on our new Boston Brunch Blog. (So far Stacey is doing all of the writing because Larry and I are lazy, and she is opinionated.)

But anyways.

On the way back across the Charles, Larry and I stopped to take a few photos. It isn’t uncommon for the Charles to freeze in the winter, but it looks extra strange with all of the new snow on top. More like a huge field than a river. I’m including photos that have a little area that isn’t frozen so you can see the contrast.

Later I’ll try to post some video of Serif playing in the snow mountain that used to be our backyard. She’s in trouble right now because she chewed a huge hole in my favorite bedspread sometime during the night. Why do animals always pick on our nicest possessions?

December 28, 2010

Serif in the snow

Serif loves the snow! Here are a few photos of her frolicking:

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